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Fe-500 D TMT Steel Bars

Fe-500 D TMT Bars


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3 Item(s)

Buying Fe-500 D TMT Steel Bars online @ Materialtree

Fe-500 D Grade TMT steel rebars are characterised by high strength and are seismal resistant. They do have higher value of density & ductility. TMT quantity estimation done properly therefore saving cash. Subscribe to our newsletter to know the most recent TMT trends and TMT steel price.

How it works

Place your Order through our website or by calling us at 08039275907.
Fresh TMT Steel stock from factory will reach your preferred weighbridge. The vehicle with TMT Steel is weighed & a weightment slip is provided.
TMT Steel is unloaded at your site & taken back for empty vehicle weighment. Total weight is derived from subtracting the 1st and 2nd weightment.
Any difference less than 0.05% (Industry Allotted Tolerance) of the order weight will be reimbursed and if found more, you have to reimburse.