Kamadhenu fe-550 TMT Steel Bars

₹74,500 / ton(s)

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Kamdhenu Saria Fe 500 Grade

Kamadhenu TMT Bars are thermo-mechanically treated through leading world temp core based technology for high yield strength. TMT bars are widely used in general purpose concrete reinforcement structures, bridges, and flyovers, dams, thermal and hydel power plants, industrial structures, high-rise buildings, underground platforms in metro railway and rapid transport system.


India (IS:1786)

Kamdhenu TMT Fe 500 Grade

Mechanical PropertiesGrade Fe - 500Grade Fe – 500K
Proof Stress(min)500 N/mm2530 N/mm2
Tensile Strength (min)545 N/mm2585 N/mm2
Elongation (min)12%16%
Mandrel dia for Bend test

Upto including 20 mm-4D

Over 20mm-5D

Upto including 20 mm-3D

Over 20mm-4D

Chemical Composition  
Carbon0.30 Max0.25 Max
Sulphur0.055 Max0.05 Max
Phosphorous0.055 Max0.05 Max
S+P0.105 Max0.100 Max
Min.-0.5 Min
Si.-0.4 Max

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