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i6 Fe-600 TMT Grade

i6 Fe-600 TMT Grade

(In stock)

i6 Fe-600 TMT Grade

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i6 Fe-600 TMT Grade is manufactured by Indus steel company, i6 is the first Fe-600 grade steel produced in India. i6 TMT Steel has uniform rod lengths and maintains consistent quality which provides higher strengths and better elongation.


* Minimum Order Total is ₹591,300

Product Name Price Qty Total Price
8 mm i6 Fe-600 TMT Steel
₹59,130 / Ton
10 mm i6 Fe-600 TMT Steel
₹59,130 / Ton
12 mm i6 Fe-600 TMT Steel
₹59,130 / Ton
16 mm i6 Fe-600 TMT Steel
₹59,130 / Ton
20 mm i6 Fe-600 TMT Steel
₹59,130 / Ton
25 mm i6 Fe-600 TMT Steel
₹59,130 / Ton

Total: ₹0

(Minimum Order Value: ₹591,300 )

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i6 Fe-600 Grade

i6 Fe-600 Grade TMT is manufactured by Indus, and is India's first Fe600 and Rib-on-Rib TMT bar that empowers your construction with more strength & more steel-to-cement bonding.


India (IS:1786)

i6 Fe 600 Grade TMT

Mechanical Properties

Grade Fe - 600

Grade Fe – 600 (i6)

Yield Strength(min)

600 N/mm2

606 N/mm2

Tensile Strength (min)

660 N/mm2

666 N/mm2

Elongation (min)



Bend Test

(Upto 20mm)


(above 20mm)

(Upto 20mm)


(above 20mm)

Rebend Test

(Upto 10mm)


(above 10mm)

(Upto 10mm)


(above 10mm)




Additional Information

Delivery Time (Days) 1-3 Days
Minimum Order Quantity No
IS Code

IS 1786 (2008)(Read More)

Min Order Total 591300
Class / Grade N/A
Selling Unit Ton
Cash On Delivery Eligible for Cash On Delivery
  1. Steel not good review by Keshav on 4/5/2017
    Product Quality
    Service & Delivery

    This steel is not good as indus.

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TMT Weighting Terms:

1)  ± 0.05% is the standard TMT weighting tolerance accepted. i,e, 5 Kgs for every 1000 Kgs. You neither have to pay extra or the supplier will reduce the bill if the TMT weighting tolerance falls in between 0.05% of total weight.

2) While converting TMT weight from Kgs to Bundles, we will round to the nearest bundle weight. Example: 465 kgs of 08mm tmt dia order will result in 10 Bundles (470 Kgs approx). The TMT Conversion table is below.

TMT Size (Diameter)

TMT Rods / Bundle

TMT Weight (Kgs) / Bundle

TMT Weight (Kgs) / Meter

08 mm

10 Rods

47.00 Kgs


10 mm

7 Rods

53.00 Kgs


12 mm

5 Rods

53.40 Kgs


16 mm

3 Rods

56.88 Kgs


20 mm

2 Rods

59.2 Kgs


25 mm

1 Rod

46.2 Kgs



32 mm

1 Rod

75.72 Kgs


3) The total TMT weigh slip will be provided from the factory / godown electronic weighbridge. You can get the TMT weight rechecked at your preferred and nearest electronic weighbridge. Invoice will be adjusted at pro-rata basis If the total difference between the supplier weight and third party weigh slip is more than 0.05%. The third party weighbridge charges will be paid by you (approx Rs 100).


Shipping Terms:

1) 20 feet width road is minimum required to ship the materials to your site.


Unloading Terms:

1) TMT Unloading will be done at ground floor only.

2) Unloading will be done upto 20 Feet from the vehicle.

For any other queries, please contact at 08039275907 or write to