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What is plywood?

Plywood is made of three or more thin layers of wood bonded together with an adhesive agent. Each layer of wood or ply, is usually oriented with its grain running at right angles to the adjacent layer in order to reduce the shrinkage and improve the strength of the finished piece.

Why should you buy Plywood online at Materialtree.

Materialtree.com is an online store which offers you a range of quality plywood sheets and blockboards of different grades at the convenience of your fingertips, whereas . We procure branded plywood materials that are versatile and durable which comply's the industry standards from trusted vendors and offer it to you at the best market price available in Bangalore. 

How many types of plywood are avaialable at Materialtree?

At materialtree.com you can choose from wide brands of commercial plywood, waterproof plywood, water resistant plywood, flexible plywood and shuttering plywood which is best suitable for making furnitures, doors, windows, kitchen shutter and for other home decor purposes. 

What are the plywood sizes that are available?

The length and width of the plywood will be 8ft x 4ft. However the thickness of the plywood will vary from 3 mm - 28mm. The sizes available at materialtree are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm/ 19mm. 

Which are the plywood brands that are avialable at Materialtree?

Materialtree.com offers you a wide range of plywood brands at the best rates. We supply major brands like Century Ply, Samrat Ply, Sainik Ply, Green Ply, Green Gold, Ecotec, Greenply Green Club.

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