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White cement and its application
White cement is much like the ordinary Portland grey cement but differs in its production method to give the cement its whiteness. This production method takes more effort and time, which makes the white cement more costlier than the grey cement, while a kg of white cement would cost you Rs.25 per kg as compared to Rs.7 per kg for grey cement.Read More
Feb 29, 2016 2:02:57 PM By Chethan BS Cement, white cement., 1 Comments Articles,
Proper storage precautions should be undertaken before you store cement bags as cement starts reacting to form hard lumps when they come in contact with water or moisture in air which results in monetary losses to the owner. Following precautions would help in preventing such monetary losses.Read More
Feb 29, 2016 1:14:22 PM By Chethan BS Cement, Storage Cement., 0 Comments Articles,
Cement Buying Guide
Cement is a binding substance which can set and harden independently or with other aggregates. Cement quality has a direct implication on strength of the concrete. Pointers below will help you in better purchase decision.Read More

4 Item(s)