Ever since man began to build he has sought quality sand, sand that has rounded particles,sand that has a full range of well graded sizes,sand that finishes smoothly, sand that gives strength and beauty to what man builds. From ancients to the present, these natural sand deposits have been exploited and depleted to such an extent that its harming our ecosystem.

We at materialtree.com strongly believe in a famous saying by Richard Branson that “If you aren't making a difference in other peoples lives,you shouldn't be in business - its that simple” hence we provide you with M sand/ manufactured sand that are perfect substitutes for the river sand. M sand is derived by processing blue metals boulders. The cement quantity required with the use of M sand is less compared to river sand, and the prices are economical too . They also do not contain any silt or organic impurities unlike the river sand.

There has also been a wrong assumption in peoples mind, that the product is not of good materials whenever the word artificial or manufactured sand strikes in ,which is proven completely wrong in the case of M sand as it has been used to make quality concrete for decades in India and abroad for example, the Pune - Mumbai expressway was completely built using Quality M-Sand.

Characteristics of plastering M sand:

I. The shape of the M sand resembles with those of river sand and there are two types of m sand they are plastering M sand of 150 micron to 2.36 mm and concrete m sand of 150 microns to 4.75 mm in thickness

II. M sand is well graded & falls within the limits of grading zone (II)sand ,grading limits specified in IS 383 code.

III. The specific gravity is 2.63 for M sand and bulk density of M sand is 15.1 KN/m3. The pH of M sand is 10.11.

IV. M sand contains typical rock forming minerals like quartz, field spar, micro, group of minerals etc.

V. M sand has 0% wastage which intern gives better compression strength than the river sand

VI. The need of the hour is in striking a balance between growing needs of construction industries with M sand and Environmental concerns to preserve river beds amid excessive sand mining.

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