What are the sizes of blocks ?

The sizes of concrete blocks vary  based on their inches , width ,height and length

  • 8 inches blocks are 200x200x400

  • 6 inches blocks are 150x200x400

  • 4 inches blocks are 100x200x460

How do i check the quality of blocks ?

Check if the material has passed through the compression test. The quality can also be checked by using the water absorption  test . The product should have passed the Indian Standard  Limits code.

What is the load size for the concrete blocks ?

The load size of the concrete blocks are 350 for 8 inches , 500 for 6 inches and 700 for 4 inches.

What is the usage of 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch  blocks? How do i know what size  to use where ?

The 4 inch concrete blocks are generally used for internal portion of walls, wheres as the 6  and 8 inch concrete blocks are generally used for external walls. It also depends on the beam thickness.

What is the VAT for blocks ?

The VAT for concrete blocks are 5.5%.

How do i  choose the right vendor?

The right vendor can be  choosen  based on the test reports provided and  advanced or atomized machinery used in the production with the best quality of raw materials.

Why is the price variation too high  among the companies ?

The price variations  among the companies occur based on the quality of raw materials used for  production, manufacturing process and the curing period.

What are the benefits of concrete blocks ?

The benefits of  using concrete blocks are :

  • It is  cost effective.

  • It is a faster process compared to the bricks.

  • It is tested and tried .

What are the technical specifications of the blocks?

The technical specifications of concrete blocks are:

4 inch Blocks

Size: 400x100x200 mm

Comprehensive Strength :5n/mm2,8.5/mm2,10/mm2

Weight: 13.4Kg

6 inch Blocks

Size:400x150x200 mm

Compressive Strength :5N/mm2,7n/mm2,8.5/mm2,10n/mm2

Weight : 16. 9 Kg

8 inch Blocks

Size :400x200x200 mm

Compressive Strength :5 N/mm2, 7 N/mm2, 8.5n/mm2, 10N/mm2

Weight :22.1 Kgs

What are the prices for blocks ?

Please refer the concrete blocks page on our website www.materialtree.com for the latest prices.