How to use admixtures in a proper way ?

Before using admixtures ,user should understand 2-3  relevant factors of it.

Firstly , in mixing process normally the admixtures are put in after mixing water into cement in few seconds. in practically, it might not be able to control under saying.  The different outcomes

between mixing admixture with water and after water mixing probably differ slightly but in significantly.secondly,mixing time should take at least 90 seconds per batch in order to get better homogeneity. Finally, how to teach operation level to understand and practice in correct way, also transfer to contractors later.

What are the prices of Concrete admixtures ?

Please refer our  Concrete admixtures webpage on our website

How to inspect the  good  quality of Admixtures ?

  • The first method is called physical properties e.g. specific gravity, solid content, pH, viscosity and physical properties.

  • The second method is called concrete properties e.g. percentage of water reduction, strength index, time of set.

  • The last method is called chemical properties or chemical composition analysis which it has limit of Thai institution both personal and equipment aspect, so most of them are necessary to inspect aboard.

Can we use  admixtures which  is older than a  year?

In case of old stock , we recommend that you test it according to the product specification and comply with ASTM in concrete properties  before using  it.

 How is thermal cracking caused ?

The thermal cracking is usually caused when theres a temperature difference of 35o F within 1 ft .however within 24 hours of placement , concrete temperatures can reach  anywhere from  20o to 50o  F hotter than ambient temperatures. Admixtures can work to alter the rate of heat generation but at the same time can result in lower concrete strengths. In mixes where low water/cement ratios are required for durability (such as bridges, parking structures or marine facilities), concrete is often substantially over-designed for strength. In cases like this, heat reducing admixtures can reduce the likelihood of cracking.

 What is the time taken for the delivery of  concrete admixtures ?

The delivery will be done with in 1 to 3 days of the order.

What is the selling unit of concrete admixtures ?

The selling unit of  concrete admixtures  are 20 liters of can