Also Known AsRed Bricks, Chamber Bricks, Table Mould Bricks, Clay wire-cut bricksCement Blocks, concrete blocks, masonry blocks
CompositionSoil, Sand, Lime or other Concrete materials.M Sand, Portland Cement and Coarse aggregates.
Weight (Kgs)3 Inch = 3 - 3.5 Kgs4 Inch = 17.5 - 18.5 Kgs
 6 Inch = 4.5 - 5 Kgs6 Inch = 25 - 26.00 Kgs
  8 Inch = 34 - 35 Kgs
AdvantagesZero maintenance cost, fire resistant.More durable, increase in stability and is capable of carrying more loads.
Strength2.5 - 3 N/mm^25 N/mm^2
Load Carrying CapacityYesYes
No.of Bricks / Blocks required per Square meter43 Nos.12 Nos.
Prices of Bricks / Blocks required per Square meterRs.344Rs.339

SIZES (Length x Breadth x Height):



3 Inch = 9in x 3in x 3in 3 Inch Clay Brick

6 Inch = 9in x 6in x 3in 6 Inch Clay Brick

4 Inch = 16in x 4in x 8in 4 Inch Concrete Block

6 Inch = 16in x 6in x 8in 4 Inch Concrete Block

8 Inch = 16in x 8in x 8in 6 Inch Concrete Block

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