The basic functionality of a window is to provide natural lighting, view and ventilation. Windows properly located can save energy cost consumed due to heat and light.

What are UPVC windows?

The full form of UPVC is Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (ridged plastic or also known as Vinyl frames).  PVC is the third –most widely produced plastic polymer after polyethene and polypropylene.

In Upvc window frames, instead of traditional wood, the frames are replaced by Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC).

UPVC windows come in various shapes and have different functionalities. 

Types of UPVC Windows:

1.Sliding Upvc Windows

Space-saving windows where each window moves horizontally in a fixed frame

Sliding Upvc Windows

2.Casement Upvc Windows

They are swing type windows which are sash hinged

Casement UPVC Windows

3.Tilt & Turn Upvc Windows

These UPVC windows tilt inside to protect from rains. They are used for slight ventilation without opening the entire window.

Tilt & Turn UPVC Windows

4.Fixed Upvc Windows

These windows the glass are fixed and used only for light and outside view. They are used when ventilation is not required.

Fixed Upvc Windows
Glass to Glass Upvc Window


5.Combinational Upvc Windows

Combination Upvc Window
Fixed Sliding Upvc Window


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