Usually, we need to build a Duplex home as it is recommended for more comfort and stylish living in a sufficient space. A Duplex house in Bangalore basically means a house which is of two floors or living units attached above each other like apartments. It is mostly connected by an inner staircase.

Advantages of Duplex house:

- Duplex Houses are meant for spaciousliving room, bedrooms, kitchen. It also helps in creating a private space for a small play area for children. 


- There’s a positive reselling value: A Duplex house resale value is the amount it is expected to sell for at some point in the future. The improvements made to the property and overall age and condition of the home can affect the resale value. 

- Can accommodate two families: A Duplex house can have 6-8 members as it is more spacious and more comfortable to deal with their own private space.

- The duplex house offers you great freedom. You can customize the house however you want.

Alternative location: You can have the location of your choice like whether to have your duplex in the city or the suburban areas.

Disadvantages of Duplex houses:

- The maintenance of a duplex is a huge responsibility, regular cleaning, repairs, and maintenance are difficult and expensive as compared to a single storey house.

- Safety & Security: The security of a duplex house is more challenging as it has multiple entry/ exit points and balconies which needs to be secured at all times.

- Mobility: Since the duplex is more is of two floors with an internal staircase, for old age people to move around the house is generally not easy. 

Different types of duplex house :


Villas are large and luxurious house in its own grounds. Usually, they are larger than single-family homes. They are surrounded by private gardens, pools or fountains. And it can also be the best house for people going on vacation and wanting to relax in a more private, intimate setting.

Advantages of Villas:

Amenities: There are more facilities given to the villa like swimming pool, fitness room, private spa and games room. And also more opportunity to enjoy the perks.

Exclusivity: There are no shared walls, no shared water supply. Hence, without worrying about your fellow residents you can live with your own comfort.

Private open space: If you are a gardening enthusiast, a villa is a great opportunity to have your own garden.

Space to alter: They are spacious as well as more flexible than other houses. You can also alter more rooms to your home to accommodate the growing needs of your family.

Butterfly life: In a villa living, you have the freedom to do anything you want within your compound wall.You can truly belong in your space and use it in a carefree manner.

Hence, Villa to a certain extent is a symbol of luxury, sophistication and an exclusive lifestyle.


Row houses are often similar with identical design which is joined together by both of their side walls.

Advantages of Row house:

  • When compared to other houses and apartments, Row houses are less expensive. 
  • As your house will be surrounded with a row of houses, it will help to improve your living and gives the sense of community.
  • You can enjoy the vibes of multi-storey home.

Now that we have explained you both the advantages & disadvantages of a duplex house and also about spacious villas & community sensed row houses, it's time for you to think about which kind of home you would like to live in.

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