When you are buying a home or a land plot in Bangalore, you would have definitely heard the word 'Khata'. Khata is an income document of a property that contains the details of the property location, size, built-up area and so on the basis of taxes paid.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike or BBMP, introduced the Khata concept in 2007 to simplify the collection of property taxes from the property owners of Bangalore. There are two types of Khata's i.e., A Khata & B Khata.

What is A Khata:

An ‘A’ khata document denotes that the relevant property taxes have been duly paid by the property owner to the BBMP. It enables the owner as he can opt for any commercial or domestic construction. Thus, A khata owners can easily make transactions such as resell or transfer the ownership of the property as it is a valid document.

What is B Khata:

BBMP lists the properties with B Khata has illegal. According to Section 108A of the Karnataka Municipality Act , 1976 amended in 2009, it enforces BBMP to collect taxes from B Khata property owners too. Buildings that are constructed in violation of laws, the constructions carried out on revenue land, properties built on unauthorized layouts, buildings without completion or issuance certificates can be classified as B Khata properties. However, B Khata properties can be converted into A Khata by following procedures laid down by BBMP.

Difference between A Khata & B Khata:

A KhataB Khata
A Khata entitled properties are validated has legal properties B Khata properties are considered as illegal properties.
Owners can easily resell or transfer there property holdings Owners cannot resell or transfer there property with B Khata.
These properties have construcion permits and owners can expand their properties Construction & expannsion of the property is restricted here.
A Khata properties have trade licenses The property holders are barred from having trade licenses.
Loans are sanctioned easily for A Khata properties Cannot avail loans on B Khata properties.
Can apply for essential amenities such as water connection, electricity connection, etc Cannot apply for any essential amenities.

Hence, A Khata is the final document that certifies your property is completely legal and available for trade whereas B Khata is the temporary document .

And also for now, B khata properties are categorized as illegal properties to avoid complications in trading, construction and transferring of money.