Customers Questions on TMT Steel

What is the price of steel?

You can refer our website for the current market prices.

What is the market price of steel and how frequently does the order change?

Since the market value of products keeps changing frequently, get in touch with our support or subscribe to our newsletter to know the recent changes in the market value.

How do I check the weight of the steel?

The weight of the steel can be checked using the weighbridge.

What is the TMT Steel weight formula and how many steel bars will I get in one bundle and one ton?

Calculate the weight of the TMT rods in bundles as per size.

TMT Size

   TMT Rods Per Bundle  

   TMT Weight Per Bundle   

8mm (1 Bundle)


47 Kg

10mm (1 Bundle)


53 Kg

12mm (1 Bundle)


53.4 Kg

16mm (1 Bundle)


56.88 Kg

20mm (1 Bundle)


59.2 Kg

25mm (1 Bundle)


46.2 Kg

32mm (1 Bundle)


75.72 Kg

Note: Length of TMT Steel rod will be 12 meters or 40 feet.

How Can I Calculate TMT Steel Weight?

Check Your Self

Conversion Calculator

(Enter a Value in any one of the columns)

    No.of Kgs

    No.of Rods

    No.of Bundles

8mm Dia

10mm Dia

12mm Dia

16mm Dia

20mm Dia

25mm Dia

32mm Dia