How much Ready Mix Concrete will I require?

To calculate the RMC quantity required for any construction, You can download our materialtree calculator App from Google play, alternatively, our Sales/ Catagory Expertise will also be able to assist you.

What causes the shortages in supply of Ready Mixed Concrete?

Apparent  shortages in Ready-Mixed Concrete  are caused by:

  • Miscalculation of form volume or slab thickness when actual dimensions exceed the assumed dimensions by even a fraction.
  • Deflection of the formwork.
  • Irregular subgrade & its settlement.
  • Smaller quantities wasted or used in incidental works for large pours.

What are the prices of Ready-mixed concrete?

For the latest prices, Please refer the Ready-mixed Concrete page on our website

 How can I ensure sufficient supply of Ready Mixed Concrete?

To ensure sufficient supply of Ready Mixed Concrete:

  • Measure formwork accurately & order sufficient quantity to finish the job.
  • For large pours, include an allowance of about 2% over planned dimensions to account for wastage & potentially increased thicknesses.
  • Towards the end of large pours, carefully measure the remaining volume & confirm the closing quantity to the RMC supplier.

 How do I ascertain the quality of Ready Mix Concrete?

Only after exhaustive laboratory and plant trials, the ready mixed concrete mixes are supplied, to ensure good quality, incoming raw materials are regularly tested

What is the curing period for ready-mix cement? why should it be done?

Curing is one of the most important steps in quality concrete construction and one of the most neglected process too. Ready Mix Concrete that has been properly cured is stronger, more resistant to chemical attack, more hard wearing and more watertight. It will also be much tougher and last longer. When cement is mixed with water a chemical reaction known as hydration takes place. This is what causes the cement to harden, which develops its strength and durability. Hydration can only take place if the concrete is kept moist and at a favorable temperature in its early life. If the concrete is allowed to dry out the hydration the process will stop. The earlier this happens the weaker the concrete will eventually become. The curing process will require a minimum of 15 days

How can a buyer of ready-mixed concrete be assured of the quantity supplied?

The buyer can assure the quantity supplied by checking the weight of the vehicle in a  weighbridge before unloading and after unloading to get the net weight. Another option is to cross check with the slab area measurements.