What are Light weight blocks?

Light weight blocks are manufactured using AAC technology (Autoclaved Aerated Blocks). Different grades of fly ash, sand, water and foaming agents are used for manufacturing these blocks. The load level gets reduced with these blocks and you can save on the construction time also.

Advantages of Light weight blocks:

Lightweight: AAC density is less than one third of that of normal concrete blocks, making it easily handled.

Sound resistant: AAC blocks can provide very good sound insulation/ sound absorption with an STC rating of 44.

Thermal Comfort: AAC has excellent thermal insulation properties that result in improved comfort level and saves heating & cooling costs.

Fire Resistant: It is more superior than traditional masonry for products with fire-resistant up to 4 hours for a nominal block thickness of 100mm.

Eco - friendly: Lightweight blocks helps to reduce at least 50% of greenhouse radiation and decrease 30% of environmental waste.

Cost Saving: It reduces building material usage, super structure cost, deal load and optimizes floor space.

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