Buying Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks now come in various shapes, size and material than ever before in India. This kitchen sink buying guides will help you to choose the right kitchen sink for your requirements.

Kitchen Sink Material

Stainless steel, granite, acrylic, ceramic are the fast moving kitchen sink materials in India. While stainless steel sink is the most preferred.  The below comparison chart will help you to differentiate. 

ParametersStainless SteelNatural GraniteQuartz/ Engineered GraniteCeramic
Weight Light Very High Light Light
Crack Prone Nil Yes Yes, particularly corners Yes, Heavy utensil may crack the sink
Installation Easy to Install Not for modular kitchen. Only for semi-modular kitchens Easy to Install Easy to Install
Sizes Various size and designs Standard black with a square / Oval bowl Various size and designs Few designs to choose.
Colors Stainless Steel finish Mostly Black Plenty of color options Mostly White
Finish Matt/ Glossy Matt/ Glossy Non-Glossy Glossy ceramic finish
Scratches The glossy finish is prone to scratches and may become dull over time Scratches are not easily visible due to rough black finish Scratch proof Scratch prone
Durability High High High Medium
Quality Available in 303, 403 SS Grade with 18 and 20 Gauge No grade. You need to select a good stone. No Grades No Grades
Novelty High Low High Low
Price Rs.2,500 Onwards Rs.2,500 Onwards Rs.4,500 Onwards Rs.1,500 Onwards

Kitchen Sink Bowls

Sinks are available the single, double and triple bowls. Depending upon your kitchen activity chose the number of bowls you need.

Kitchen Sink Bowls

Single bowls are best suited for small kitchen and for washing bigger utensils. While the bowl starts from 18 inches and can go up 36 inches along with drain board.

Kitchen Sink Bowls

Double bowls offer separate spaces for washing utensils and food preparation. The double bowls sinks can go up to 48 inches in length.

Kitchen Sink Bowls

Triple bowl sinks contain a small sink in between for preparation work. Mostly used for vegetable washing. The sink can go up to 48 inches in length.

Bowl Depth

The depth of the sink bowl starts from 8 Inches to 10 inches

Kitchen Faucet / Tap Holes

Stainless steel sinks, quartz sink have a hole to facilitate faucets in the sink. Two holes sinks can be purchased if you need a hot water supply.