The construction labor rates in Bangalore currently range from Rs. 260/ Sft - Rs. 300/ Sft. The scope of works covered depends upon the civil contractor in Bangalore. Footing, Structure and Masonry works are part of this civil labor. Find the list of works generally covered in civil labor.

  • Plain Cement Concrete for foundation bed.
  • Size stone masonry for foundation footing.
  • Plinth Beam Concrete.
  • Interior floor PCC.
  • Wall Work using clay bricks or concrete blocks. Generally, labor rates are higher for brick wall labor.
  • Door and Window frames fixing with z clamps.
  • Window lintels concrete.
  • Roof Concreting ( You need to pay extra for the concrete gang men in case of site mix. RMC does not cost you additional labor.
  • Wall Plastering (Interior walls, Exterior wall, and Ceiling Roof).
  • Inside Loft and shelves concreting.

What's NOT part of the Civil Labor Rates.

  • Markings
  • Earth Work/ Excavation
  • Balcony
  • Flooring (Granite or Vitrified Tiles)
  • Portico
  • Outside Projections and Wall Cladding works.
  • Staircase (Inside and Outside)
  • Para foot wall
  • Sump Tank (Generally charges per liter basis)
  • Compound Wall and Plastering
  • Fabrication Fixing (Gate, Security Grills etc, Railings etc..)
  • External Concrete and finishing
  • Roof waterproof muddy
  • Concrete gang labor
  • Scaffolding materials / Roofing

It is a better approach to ask a list of works, What's NOT part of the labor rates. This helps in forecasting and avoiding last-minute conflicts which may delay the project execution.