Cement concrete blocks are rectangular blocks made from Cement and Stone aggregates used for constructing load bearing walls, Nonload bearing wall, Sump Tanks, Fencing etc. They are slowly replacing traditional clay bricks. Few of the tips here will help in a better purchase decision.

The shape of the Concrete Block

The blocks shall be rectangular in shape, have sharp edges which will save cement mortar consumption.

Colour and Texture of the Concrete Block

The Blocks shall be of grey color. The block shall be homogeneous in texture, Low porosity and free from cracks and Blisters.

Sizes Prices

4 Inches (16 * 8 * 4 Inches), 6 Inches (16 * 8 * 6 Inches), 8 Inches (16 * 8 * 8 Inches) are the standard sizes available In Bangalore market.

The weight of the concrete blocks

Normal 4 inches blocks weigh up to 16 Kgs. 6 inches blocks weigh up to 23 kgs and 8 inches blocks weigh up to 32 kgs.

Concrete Blocks Types

Solid Blocks, Hollow Blocks, and Cellular Blocks are concrete block types available in the market. Concrete blocks

Selling Units & Load Size

Concrete Blocks are sold in Pieces. On an average 4, 6 and 8 Inches concrete solid blocks shall have 800 Nos, 550 Nos and 450 Nos per truckload respectively. Also, Half Sized blocks are available to reduce wastages.

Water Absorption

The Blocks, when immersed in water for 24 hours, should not weight more than 20% of its dry weight. Higher the water absorption, higher the porosity which shall be not used for construction purposes.

Compressive Strength

The block shall not be less than 20 Newton / mm2. The concrete blocks should have been cured at least for 15 days before you purchase. The concrete block shall not break when dropped from 1 Meter height on to the flat surface. Higher the compression strength better is the quality of the concrete block.

Concrete block material

The block should be manufactured using 53-grade cement, Stone Aggregates and crushed stone dust. Concrete blocks shall be free from pebbles, gravels, Lumps, organic matters.

Concrete Blocks