“Our vision and mission is to make e- commerce ecosystem that helps customers and businesses to do all things of business online”.

Buying construction materials online is not an easy task in India. Right ??? 

But it can be more easier with the help of our online platform.. In this era, most of you are aware and very well known to e- commerce. So, everyone knows that e- commerce is only about buying and selling of goods & services and transferring the money through internet.

The big question arises here is” Have you ever thought about buying construction materials such as TMT, cement, bricks and blocks online? “


Building own house is like constructing your own kingdom and it is still a dream of many people. To make it successful you the best quality of construction materials such as TMT, cement, bricks and so on. 

Instead of finding multiple suppliers, visiting their shops and negotiating the prices , it is much easier and time-saving to buy construction materials online.

Instead of going to any shop, it will be much better to buy them online which will be most economical, time saving process and will get it delivered to your home easily.

“Life is not a bowl full of happiness, there is some good and bad stuff.”

Likewise, our Materialtree platform has their advantages and disadvantages, which is very necessary for you to know more and better.

Advantages of Materialtree are:

1.transparency system- prices: In the digitalisation period, it is necessary to make meaningful price comparison by clicks of one button which you can do through a smart device. Price transparency helps to increase the knowledge and also reduces the uncertainty.

2. Shipping: it is very important to meet the customers needs and wants, and delivering the goods on time can be a major influential factors on your purchase behaviour, and also on your shopping experience. To keep this thing in mind, we always delivers the goods on time.

3. Payment terms: Nowadays, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to do CoD, our platform accepts all types of mode of payment either by credit card, cheque or by online payment because we always wants to keep your priorities at top and in which you are comfortable. 

The few drawbacks of our platform are:

  1. Risks of delivery: Due to certain reasons, it creates problems for us to deliver the goods on time to you which seems to be a major drawback to profit, sales, customer satisfaction etc….. So, sometimes delivering the goods is bit risky.

  1. We have escrow: Here, escrow means that the third party will agree to facilitate the transactions made between the buyers and the sellers. The escrow service owes no obligations to sellers until the buyer has inspected the goods. 

           The Internet users in India is about 627 millions and about 329.1 million people are using e- commerce. And just because of digitalization in India, e- commerce is expanding day-by-day and there will surely be one day that the retail stores will also sell their goods and services online in the near future.

It can be said that, from one side e-commerce has given wings to online businesses. Nowadays , you can get everything online from toys to construction materials. The most convenient thing about e- business is the mode of payment. Earlier , people used to do CoD but after the arrival of e- commerce, you are making the payment online, it can be through electronic wallets, smart cards etc…..and it is also safe.

If e- business is like a magic wand for businesses then GST is like an open book  for the transparency for the businesses because it is a corruption free tax administration, fully integrated tax platform and also reduces numbers of indirect taxes.

If you have decided to purchase construction materials online, and if you think that this is the end, then it is wrong. Because there are many things which is important and  there are various questions come in our mind like what materials we want while constructing a house, what will be the costs of those materials?

So, building own house can be the most adventurous, thrilling and can be exciting at the same time that you can undergo with. But apart from all these things, the important factors matters the most is the materials you want to purchase for constructing a house and they are  wood, cement, TMT, bricks and blocks, clay and many more. 

But buying construction materials is not everything, we also have to look up on their prices, like what is the market price of construction materials in indian market or online?

To verify these things, you always compare the prices and opt for the best one and if you think about the quality of TMT, cement, bricks and blocks, it is also important because for a strong foundation we need the best quality of construction materials that you can easily get on ou materialtree.


 Thus, it is very clear that In a world full of e-business, if buying clothes and transferring money is safe then buying construction material online is more safer.