Teak wood is a famous timber species kind of hardwood and called the king of the woods. Usually, the name of the teak in India is given based on the origin place of the teak Ex: Burma Teak

Teak wood is a famous timber species kind of hardwood and called the king of the woods. Usually, the name of the teak in India is given based on the origin place of the teak Ex: Burma Teak

 Natural teak forests rise just in Burma, India, Laos, and Thailand. In 2010, the joint area of natural teak forest was projected at about 29 million hectares, approximately half of which is in Burma. Burma is the single nation that presently makes excellence teak from natural forests; parts of India, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. Asia holds more than 90 percent of the worlds teak assets and India single-handedly controls 38 percent of the world has planted teak forests.  A regular tree takes among 20 and 80 years for planted teak to rise to the harvest-able range. Superior growth and high class are connected with deep, flat, and well-drained alluvial soils, rich in calcium; a signify annual temperature among 22 and 27 degrees centigrade; and a yearly rain from 1,500 to 2,500 millimeters, with a marked dry season Dry place environment are generally connected with stunted growth.

Burma teak wood is the world's most important and valuable hardwood. Best Teak prepared of clean heartwood from older Teak trees. Heartwood Teak provides an elegant piece with unique grain patterns and a gorgeous rich color giving any area an instant WOW factor. The uncommon attractiveness of teak, its golden brown luster, Burmese Teak heartwood is a standardized golden brown with no markings. Decorative grain and unique properties have made it one of the most demanded woods of the world. Grain is normally straight to a little wavy. The texture is coarse, uneven and slippery to the finger, sometimes with a white shiny deposit.
Extremely durable, Susceptible to insect harass, Very resistant to additive treatment it also Acid and fire resistant.

Available forms

Teak is available in the market in 2 forms as Timber logs whereas some vendors are also selling custom frames that could directly be used indoor and window frames.

What is Seasoning?

If you buy a log then you would need to cut the log into the required frame sizes and then let the door season. Seasoning is a process where you let the moisture in the wood dry to an optimal level. In normal dry warm weather, it is suggested that seasoning for about one month is recommended.
After seasoning the timber logs, the logs are then used in the construction work as required.

Uses of Teak

There are many uses for Burma teak wood. Teak does not warp, crack or turn black when in contact with metals. Teak has multiple uses in a house which is Furniture and cabinetmaking, flooring, garden furniture, plywood, and decorative veneers, doors, window frames, sculptures, exterior joinery, interior, and exterior furniture. Teak flooring in a diversity of sizes and designs enhances the attractiveness and value of any room.


Teak wood is considered the best in furniture building. It gives the desired finish and has a smooth surface after the wood surface is polished, the wood looks very rich. Teak wood can be finished in the following finish:
However, it is recommended that polish should be used for teak as it suits best as the grains will be seen and not covered.


Teak wood is very strong and durable wood that’s why it only needs a little maintenance.General daily cleaning the furniture with a dry cloth can provide your teak furniture a long life.
Re-polishing is recommended after a few years to bring back the shine in the furniture.


Teak is a kind of hardwood, popular for its durability and resistance to water.
It provides a charming appearance and looks royal and elegant after finishing.
Teak wood is easy to handle, polish and work with so a lot of carved designs are made using this.
Teak wood is hard which makes it termite resistant. Termites usually attack the wood that is softer in nature.


The only disadvantage of teak wood is that it is comparatively expensive.


Teak wood weight is from 700—800 kg/ cum.


Teak wood has elasticity and solid fiber, both of which facilitate woodworking and the ability of woodworkers to create products.


Teak wood is outstanding merit in retention of shape and durability. It is naturally durable wood.