For RCC, prestressed concrete, plastering, block works flooring. PPC can be used for all types of construction and it is an Eco-friendly cement. It is used for the construction of structures near the sea, sewage water plants, which is more prone to chlorine/ sulfate attacks.

ParametersOPC 53 GradeOPC 43 GradePortland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)Portland Slag Cement(PSC)
IS Standard IS 8112 IS 12269 IS 1489 IS 455:1989
Full Name Ordinary Portland Cement 53 Grade Ordinary Portland Cement 43 Grade Portland Pozzolana Cement Portland Slag Cement
Description 53 Grade cement is used when immediate high compression strength is required. 43 Grade cement is most preferred for block and wall plastering works The long-term strength, density of the concrete is much more compared to OPC Excellent corrosion resistance, particularly from salt water.
Sizes Available 50 Kgs Bag 50 Kgs Bag 50 Kgs Bag 50 Kgs Bag
Color Grey Grey Grey Grey
3 Days 27 Mpa 23 Mpa 16 Mpa 16 Mpa
7 Days 37 Mpa 33 Mpa 22 Mpa 22 Mpa
28 Days 53 Mpa 43 Mpa 33 Mpa 33 Mpa