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M Sand Offer

Now you can buy MSand/ Manufactured sand at the best price from materialtree.com. MSand acts as the perfect substitute for River Sand, which can be best used for Brick/Block Work, Concreting work, Flooring and Plastering purposes too. At materialtree.com, We procure and supply Msand from trusted manufacturers like Besto, Robo Sand, Thriveni Sands, TMM, ABM. Cash on Delivery payment option is also available for MSand.

M Sand


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Buying M sand Online at materialtree.com?

M-sand or Manufactured sand is considered as an economical replacement for River sand. Manufactured Sand/ M sand is ideal for producing the high compression strength concrete in its class of all PCC and RCC grades. There are three types of M Sand available i.e., M Sand for Plastering work, M Sand for Brick/ Block laying and MSand for Concrete Work. At materialtree.com, we provide you with the best quality M-Sand in Bangalore.

Which are the brands of M Sand that are available at materialtree.com?

All major brands of m sand like Besto, Thriveni, TMM, Robo Sand and ABM are available at materialtree.com

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How it Works

Place your Order through our website or by calling us at 08039275907 / 9632788890.
Fresh MSand stock from factory will reach your preferred weighbridge. The vehicle with MSand is weighed & a weightment slip is provided.
MSand is unloaded at your site & taken back for empty vehicle weighment. Total weight is derived from subtracting the 1st and 2nd weightment.
If the MSand weighment is found to be less, the difference amount will be reimbursed. And If found more, then you have to pay for the extra load.