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TMT Steel Bars

We are one of the leading suppliers of TMT Steel Bars in Bangalore. Check the Availability & Get Information on different grades and types like Fe 500 grade TMT bars, Fe 500 D TMT bars, Fe 550 grade TMT bars, TMT binding wires and Concrete cover blocks of different brands at wholesale prices for supply in Bangalore.

TMT Steel Bars

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Buying TMT Steel Online at Materialtree

What are TMT Rebars?

TMT stands for ‘Thermo Mechanically Treatment’. It is also known as TMT Saria, TMT Rebars (Reinforced Bars), TMT Rods. TMT steel are manufactured by a quenching and tempering process which allows the outer surface to cool much faster than inner core and hence making a temperature gradient from bar axis to periphery. TMT bars forms a critical part of the concrete with cement, aggregates and water. It acts as the bones of a building during construction.

What are the grades and types of TMT Steel?

TMT Steel has four grades i.e. Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600. The grades determine the stress a rod can take, and it is measured in N/mm2 . There are two types of TMT Steel, Primary and Secondary steel, the steel which is produced from extracted iron ore is called Primary steel, while the steel that is produced from recycled steel is called as Secondary Steel. Buy Fe 500 and Fe 550 Grades at materialtree.com at the best market price in Bangalore, as this two grades are the majorly used TMT Steel Rebars in constructional purposes. 

What are TMT Steel sizes and brands available at materailtree.com?

TMT Steel Size ranges from 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm diametrically and spans 12 meters in length. All TMT Steel brands like Aone, Bhuwalkha, BMM, Indus, JSW, TATA Tiscon, Kamdhenu, Sunvik, Primegold, SAIL, Vizag, VRKP, Excel, SK Super, Trishul are available at materialtree.com at the best market price in Bangalore.

What is the Price of TMT Steel?

Since the market value of  TMT steel bars keeps changing, exact price of the steel can't be determined, However to know the latest TMT Steel prices, please click the given link. Click here

Know how to choose the Right TMT Steel Rebar.

How to calculate the TMT Weight from number of rods?

Frequently Asked Questions on TMT Steel.


How it works

Place your Order through our website or by calling us at 08039275907.
Fresh TMT Steel stock from factory will reach your preferred weighbridge. The vehicle with TMT Steel is weighed & a weightment slip is provided.
TMT Steel is unloaded at your site & taken back for empty vehicle weighment. Total weight is derived from subtracting the 1st and 2nd weightment.
Any difference less than 0.05% (Industry Allotted Tolerance) of the order weight will be reimbursed and if found more, you have to reimburse.